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What Are The Recycling Methods For Plastic Bags?

Apr. 02, 2024 Share

As is well known, Custom Printed Plastic Packaging Bags are plastic packaging materials used in the production of various articles in daily life, and are widely used in daily life and industrial production. With the popularity of plastic packaging bags, some white pollution has appeared in the society. Therefore, this requires us to recycle after using the bag to reduce environmental pollution. So what are the recycling methods for plastic bags? Today, Plastic Stand Up Pouch Supplier will give you a brief introduction. Melt regeneration: plasticizing and recycling waste plastics from the beginning, and melting and regenerating can make plastic products with better quality.

Energy recovery: Recover the heat generated by the burning of waste plastics.

Thermal cracking: The method of burning the oil and fuel gas by subjecting the selected waste plastics to thermal cracking.

Recovering chemical materials: It is recovered by chemically diluting waste plastics into chemical materials. It is added with polyester ammonia, which can be hydrolyzed to obtain the monomer of the composition.

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