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The Five Main Advantages Of Plastic Food Bags

Jan. 16, 2019 Share

First, Plastic Food Packaging Bag can meet the diversified protection requirements of commodities.

Food packaging bags can meet the barrier requirements for water vapor, gas, grease, organic solvents, etc., and can also meet the requirements of anti-rust, anti-corrosion, anti-electromagnetic radiation, anti-static, anti-chemical, etc. according to customer requirements. And to ensure that food is sterile, non-toxic and non-polluting requirements. Significantly improve the shelf life of the product.

Second, save packaging and transportation costs.

Since Plastic Stand Up Pouch is mostly made of soft and light film and sheet, they have the advantages of packaging body, small weight of packaging materials and less effective area in the package. It is very convenient for the circulation and transportation of goods, transportation cost and rigid packaging. The transportation cost of goods is greatly reduced.

Third, the packaging process is simple, easy to operate and use.

As long as product manufacturers and packagers purchase high-quality food packaging bags, they can carry out their own packaging work, which is easy to operate and easy for consumers to open and use.

Fourth, resources and energy consumption, environmental protection and other aspects have obvious comparative advantages.

In terms of the variety and quantity of resource consumption, food packaging bags have unparalleled advantages in other packaging forms. Because the materials used are light and soft, easy to fold, and easy to be bundled, the recycling and transportation of waste materials is convenient, and depending on the nature of the waste materials, landfill, incineration, decomposition, regeneration, etc. can be adopted separately.

Fifth. Strong product appeal, in line with the requirements of product promotion.

Food packaging is one of the most affable packaging forms for many consumers. The food packaging bag can be made into a plastic bag product with light texture, softness and comfortable hand feeling, which is suitable for colorful printing, effectively conveying the product information and making the consumer have a good first impression on the product.

Plastic Food Packaging Bag

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