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The Production Process Of Plastic Packaging Bag

Apr. 02, 2024 Share

Plastic bags are light in weight, high in strength, and resistant to corrosion. What are the processes that plastic bag manufacturers generally need to go through during production?

When compounding plastic packaging bags, the principle is to bond two or more layers of materials together through the medium to make the packaging film and bag achieve better performance. Maturation is done to speed up the curing of the glue between the materials. When printing, gravure printing is used, which means that the characters and patterns on the original are made into plates, ink is applied on the surface of the printing plate, and the image on the printing plate is transferred to the surface of the printed material by pressure. , the same print as the original is reproduced accurately and in large quantities. The cutting is also done by cutting the printed and composite materials into the specifications required by the customer.

Finally, the bag is made, and the printed, compounded and cut materials are made into various bags required by customers. Various types of bags can be made: middle sealed bag, side sealed bag, Plastic Stand Up Pouch , K-shaped bag, Three Side Seal Plastic Packaging Bags , four-side sealing bag, zipper bag these product types.

Plastic Stand Up Pouch