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Can Plastic Bags Be Heated In A Microwave Oven?

Mar. 02, 2019 Share

Many food packaging requires Plastic Stand Up Pouchs . When eating, people are used to heating foods with plastic bags in a microwave oven. Is this the right method, can the plastic bag be heated in a microwave oven?

In fact, we do not recommend doing this. Some plastic bags contain carcinogenic PVC, which is polyvinyl chloride. Usually people don't pay much attention to this in their lives. In fact, this is very dangerous. Cling film is rich in a plasticizer, although it can increase the adhesion of plastic wrap, but it will enter food, especially high-fat foods. The PVC cling film wrapped on the cooked food may be placed in a microwave oven to be heated in contact with the surface of the cooked food. The plasticizer in the cling film will chemically react with the food, and the toxin will be transpiration, enter the food, or remain in the food. On the surface of food, these substances can harm human health.

Of course, some plastic bags can be heated, such as polyethylene plastic bags, non-toxic. However, at the time of purchase, Plastic Stand Up Pouch Supplier can't first distinguish the material of the plastic bag. Therefore, we directly recommend that you do not heat the plastic bag in the microwave.

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