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How To Identify The Quality Of Plastic Packaging Bags?

Feb. 25, 2019 Share

Feed Plastic Packaging Bags are widely used in our daily life, but care should be taken when purchasing them to avoid the selection of poor quality plastic bags.

1, smell. Good quality plastic bags are odorless; materials with a pungent odor or an unusual taste are poor.

2, touch. Touching the surface of the plastic bag by hand, it is very smooth and non-toxic; it is toxic when it is sticky, bun, and waxy.

3. Listen with your ears. When the plastic bag is shaken by hand, a crisp sound indicates a good quality plastic bag; and a small and stuffy sound is a poor plastic bag.

4. Observation method. The good quality plastic bag is white, transparent or slightly transparent, and the texture is uniform; the poor one is color or white, but the transparency is poor, the turbidity, the plastic surface is unevenly stretched, and there are small particles.

5. Submerged water test method. Put the plastic bag in the water and press it to the bottom of the water. If it is out of the water, it is a good quality Pet Food Plastic Packaging Bag . If you sink it under the water, don't choose it.

6, the burning method. Choose flammable, the flame tip is yellow, the part is cyan, it burns like a candle tear, there is a paraffin-flavored plastic bag; the quality of the plastic bag is not easy to burn, it is extinguished from the fire, the flame tip is yellow, or It is black, the bottom is green, softening can be drawn, and it can smell a pungent smell.

Pet Food Plastic Packaging Bag

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