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What Needs To Be Considered In Customizing Food Packaging Bags?

Jan. 07, 2019 Share

Food, clothing, housing and transportation in daily life are inseparable from diet. Rice has played an important role in diet since ancient times. Today, we take Rice Plastic Packaging Bag as an example. What factors should be considered in customized food bags?

Firstly, the common rice bags on the market are divided into three-side sealed rice bags, four-side sealed rice bags, rice brick bags, plastic handheld buckled rice bags and eight-side sealed rice bags. Common weights are: 500G, 1KG, 1.5KG, 2.5KG, 5KG, 10KG. PA/PE is the most commonly used material in rice packaging bags. It has good sealing property after vacuum evacuation. It has moisture-proof and oxygen-proof performance, so it can prevent rice pests from mildewing and protect consumers'rights and interests.

There are two factors to consider when making rice bags: 1. Price 2. Quality. In addition to these two main reasons, we also need to consider the ability, qualification, technology, after-sales service ability of food packaging manufacturers and other factors to consider comprehensively. Plastic Packaging Bag Supplier can provide free design and free proofing according to your size, pattern, bag type, quantity production.

Rice Plastic Packaging Bag

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