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Talk About The Use And Classification Of Zipper Plastic Bag

Nov. 23, 2018 Share

Self-sealing bags refer to bags that can be automatically sealed without any tools. Commonly, there are zippered Resealable Plastic Bags and self-adhesive ziplock bags.

Zipper ziplock bag (also known as PET Quad Seal Bag, zipper bag), made of polyethylene (LDPE) and high-pressure linear polyethylene (LLDPE) by blown film forming, hot-cut mechanism bag, made of a plastic bag that can be repeatedly sealed . Common materials are PE, PET, EVA, composite bags, etc.

There are many types of self-adhesive ziplock bags, which are cut back and cut with a single film, heat-sealed on both sides, and then glued on the inside of the bag. Common materials are: OPP stickers, PP, courier bags (multiple Layer co-extruded film), PVC, etc.

Talk about the use and classification of ziplock bags

Ziplock bags can be used for the inner and outer packaging of various small items. The self-sealing bags produced from food-grade raw materials can store various small foods, teas, seafood, etc., waterproof, insect-proof, moisture-proof, and prevent things from scattering; self-sealing bags can also be used for packaging of clothing and other daily necessities, and have a wide range of uses. Self-sealing bags can be used to produce anti-static ziplock bags by adding anti-static masterbatch during blown film production, which is generally used in the electronics industry.

Resealable Plastic Bags

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