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How To Use Plastic Bags Correctly?

Nov. 29, 2018 Share

Plastic bags are popular with consumers in their daily lives because of their portability. However, if the plastic bag is used incorrectly, it will be detrimental to human health. Therefore, pay attention to the following items when using the plastic bag.

First, use less Recycle Plastic Bags for cooked food. Too high a temperature will cause a chemical reaction in the plastic bag, which often causes deterioration of the food. After eating, it is prone to poisoning symptoms. Moreover, the plastic bag itself will release harmful substances, and the harmful substances will increase with time, thereby contaminating the food in the bag and affecting human health, especially for children's healthy development.

Second, ultra-thin plastic bags are thin and light in weight, but their load-bearing capacity is very strong. This is because plastic bag manufacturers have added plasticizers during the production process, which is extremely unfavorable to human health.

Third, do not use alcohol bags in Plastic Packaging Bag. It is also not suitable for foods with a temperature above 50 degrees. In addition, ordinary plastic bags can not contain food and heat in the microwave oven because it will produce cancerous substances, which is very unfavorable to human health.

Plastic Packaging Bag

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