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What Details Affect The Quality Of Plastic Bags?

Dec. 28, 2018 Share

The quality of Plastic Stand Up Pouch Supplier is the focus of our attention. The quality of the bags in the market is uneven. We must strictly control the quality. Many factors in the production process will affect the quality of the plastic packaging, causing the quality of the Pet Food Plastic Packaging Bag, we need to understand the relevant information, let's take a closer look.

1. In the production process, many waste products are formed for various reasons. To reduce defective products and waste products, we must first understand the main reasons for the formation of defective products and waste products. The film coating process is not good for the car, the cloth, the film, and the color film. The tension controller fails, the film edge sticks, the film edge breaks, and the diaphragm breaks.

2. The process causes the ends of the product to be reinforced. Or release film, leak coating. Or the product change standard, the circular weaving cloth waste silk breaks the film, the continuous joint in the color film. Printed film surface ink lines, etc., will form waste.

3. Plastic packaging manufacturers said that every detail in the operation can be done to reduce the number of defective products and waste products. Changing coating materials, changing standards, changing coating ratios, climate change, etc. will also form a coating quality shake.

Pet Food Plastic Packaging Bag

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