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What Issues Should You Pay Attention To When Producing PET Food Packaging Bags?

Dec. 11, 2018 Share

The pet food packaging bag is a bag for packaging various pet foods. Its quality directly affects the quality of the pet food. The high quality pet food packaging bag has strict production requirements as the food packaging bag. Today, pets are becoming more and more important, and the packaging of pet foods is especially important. Today, let's tell everyone what to pay attention to when making Pet Food Plastic Packaging Bag:

1: size requirements

Whether it is a dog food bag or a cat food bag, the food of each small animal is different. The size of the particles is different, and the weight of each package is different. Therefore, we must first determine the package. Weight, size, in order to produce a satisfactory product.

2: Material of pet food packaging bags

The production materials of pet food packaging bags mainly include the following:

1. Co-extruded PE film

2, woven bag

3, plastic bags

The price of each material is different and the quality is different, so you need to choose your favorite product according to the positioning of the product.

3: What are the bag shapes of pet food bags?

Bag type for pet food bags: flat bottom bag, four side sealing bag, Stand Up Pouch Bags, etc.

Pet Food Plastic Packaging Bag

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