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Four Advantages Of Non Woven Bag

Dec. 04, 2018 Share

First, the Non Woven Bag has more economic effects: The non-woven bag is easier to print than the plastic bag, and the color expression is more vivid. In addition, it can be used repeatedly. It is possible to consider adding more delicate patterns and advertisements to the non-woven bag than the plastic bag, because the wear rate is lower than that of the plastic bag, resulting in a more cost-effective non-woven bag. Come more obvious advertising benefits.

Second, the non-woven bag is more secure: the traditional plastic bag, in order to save costs, the material is thin and easy to break. But if you want to make him stronger, it will inevitably cost more. The appearance of non-woven bags solves all the problems of non-woven bags, which are tough and not easy to wear. There are also a lot of coated non-woven bags, which are more durable, more waterproof, feel good, and have a beautiful appearance. Although the cost of a single item is a little higher than that of a plastic bag, the life of a non-woven bag can reach hundreds or even thousands of tens of thousands of plastic bags.

Third, non-woven bags have more advertising effects: A beautiful non-woven bag, not just a product bag. Its exquisite appearance is more attractive, and it can be transformed into a fashionable and simple shoulder bag, which becomes a beautiful scenery on the street. Plus waterproof, non-sticky features will definitely become the first choice for customers to go out. In such a non-woven bag, you can print your company logo or advertisement, and the advertising effect will be self-evident. Now, the real small investment has turned into a big return.

Fourth, the Non Woven Packaging Bags is more environmentally friendly. The issue of plastic limit is to solve the problem of environmental protection. The repeated use of non-woven bags greatly reduces the pressure of garbage conversion. Therefore, the double name is called the environmental protection bag, and the concept of environmental protection can better reflect the image of your company and the effect of being close to the people. The potential value brought by it is not even replaced by money.

Non Woven Packaging Bags

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