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Food Grade Kraft Paper Features

Sep. 27, 2018 Share


Food grade Kraft Paper Bags is made of pure plant fiber. It does not add any harmful substances to the human body during the production process, such as plasticizers. It is safer and healthier than plastic packaging.

Environmental protection

As a biodegradable food packaging material, Food Kraft Paper Bag can be used as a fertilizer after degradation, and will not release harmful gases and cause harm to the environment.

Stable performance

It has the characteristics of moisture-proof, oil-proof, low-temperature freezing, fresh-keeping and quality preservation, and is suitable for vacuum packaging, aseptic packaging and other fields.

Low cost

The raw material grows naturally and has abundant sources. In addition, it is suitable for mechanized large-scale production. The production cost is low. Compared with glass, plastic and other packaging, the cost of food packaging kraft paper is 10 to 20 percentage points lower than the same barrier effect. .

Good printing performance

It can meet the needs of most packaging and printing manufacturers, with low printing cost, excellent effect and variety.

Good mechanical properties

It has a certain strength, stiffness and mechanical adaptability, as well as folding, elasticity and tearing. It is easy to process into packaging containers with various properties, and it is easy to realize mechanized processing operations. It is suitable for mechanized processing and automated production, and can also make beautifully shaped packaging by hand, and at the same time facilitate composite processing. It can be folded and stored before being packaged, saving space and reducing costs.


Food grade paper packaging is more convenient for printing than plastic. It has a three-dimensional sense when it is loaded, and it is more advanced, which can increase the added value of the product.

Food Kraft Paper Bag

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