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How To Solve The Uneven Sealing Of Food Packaging Bags?

Oct. 17, 2018 Share

How to solve the uneven sealing of food Plastic Packaging Bag? The seals are generally uneven and deformed. Below, we simply analyze the reasons and the solutions.

Why is this phenomenon in the Heat Seal Ziplock Stand Up Bag during the sealing process? Basically consists of the following reasons:

1. In the composite process of the plastic bag, the composite coil is unevenly heated or unevenly bonded.

2. After the composite coil is placed in the curing chamber, it is not properly placed, resulting in unevenness of the partial hand of the coil, and the difference in the fixed speed is large.

3. During the curing process of the composite coil, the reverse groove is too deep, the ejection mode is incorrect, and the drafting angle is not correct, which may cause the plastic parts to be distorted. The cooling time is not enough.

In response to these situations, what measures should be taken to prevent this? Here are a few solutions:

1. During the compounding process, the body temperature should be adjusted according to the product to make the composite heat even.

2, the cooling process should be sufficient, not eager to seek success.

3. Re-select the film of the surface material.

4. Grasp the curing time.

5, pay attention to the uniformity of the composite film bonding.

Heat Seal Ziplock Stand Up Bag

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