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Food Plastic Bags Need To Avoid Three Major Mistakes

Oct. 08, 2018 Share

Plastic Packaging Bag are often used in our daily lives. As long as we make misuse and use food plastic bags properly, our lives are still very good.

The first big mistake: the thicker the plastic bag, the stronger the better.

We often see a variety of plastic bags in our lives, so a solid bag must be good. In fact, this is not the case. Plastic bags have strict standards. Especially for plastic bags used for food packaging, it is necessary to use qualified products produced by regular manufacturers and approved by relevant departments. Plastic bags for food must be marked with the words for food. Looking at the light, you can see if the plastic is clean. Qualified plastic bags are very clean and free of impurities, while inferior plastic bags can see dirty spots and impurities. The thickness of one side of the plastic bag must be above 0.025mm.

The second biggest mistake: colorful plastic bags, choose beautiful colors, beautiful packaging

Although there are many kinds of color in Eco Friendly Food Plastic Bags, we must be cautious when choosing them. If the plastic packaging is used for food items, we must choose the color from the color, so that at least its additives are less.

The third biggest mistake: plastic bags are reused

There are many families who have the habit of storing used plastic bags. In fact, it is okay to store the neat and used plastic bags, but do not use used plastic bags to contact food, which will cause chronic health. hurt.

Eco Friendly Food Plastic Bags

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