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Production Considerations For Milk Powder Bags

Feb. 15, 2019 Share

Milk powder can be said to be a kind of food for all ages. The milk powder packaging in the market is also affected by the increasing cost competition of the dairy industry. The low-cost soft plastic milk powder packaging bag is becoming more and more widely used.

Since the milk powder packaging bag needs to directly contact the milk powder product when it is used, the packaging manufacturer who produces the milk powder packaging bag generally pays close attention to this problem when selecting the material. Aluminum foil is an ideal material for milk powder bags.

The Aluminum Foil Stand Up Food Bag has good moisture resistance and rust resistance. It can block the water vapor and oxygen in the air from entering the milk powder packaging bag, and the aluminum foil material has good stiffness and mechanical strength, good ductility, and is convenient for packaging and processing. Paper, plastic and other materials are combined to form a high-barrier, high-temperature resistant aluminum-plastic composite film, which is suitable for use as a milk powder packaging bag. Such a milk powder packaging bag can also resist the penetration of grease into the package.

Of course, due to the safety considerations of milk powder packaging bags, the choice of Aluminum Foil Food Packaging Bags as a packaging material for milk powder packaging bags must take into account the limitations of aluminum foil packaging, such as aluminum foil material is not resistant to folding, easy to appear pinholes, perforations, breakage and other issues, Therefore, it is conceivable to add a high barrier layer such as nylon to the composite layer of the milk powder packaging bag to protect the aluminum foil. In this way, when the milk powder packaging bag is subjected to long-distance transportation or the packaging material is squeezed during storage and transportation, the milk powder packaging bag can be well protected.

Aluminum Foil Food Packaging Bags

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